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Unfit for Publication:

NSW Supreme Court and other 

Bestiality, Buggery and Sodomy trials


 Peter de Waal

Unfit for Publication Cover

First edition published (20 copies) April 2007, second print (20 copies) November 2007.

© Peter de Waal
PO Box 6
BALMAIN NSW 2041 Australia

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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry

de Waal, Peter, 1938—
Unfit for Publication: NSW Supreme Court, Quarter Sessions and Police Court Trials 1727-1930

Includes index.
ISBN 978 0 646 47274 4. 

  1. Trials (Sodomy) – New South Wales – Cases.

  2. Bestiality (Law) – New South Wales – Cases.

  3. Trials (Sex crimes) – New South Wales – History.

  1. New South Wales. Supreme Court.

  2. Title.