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New South Wales Government Gazette, Fri 28 Feb 1845 1

    THE Tickets of Leave of the undermentioned Prisoners of the Crown have been cancelled for the reasons stated opposite their respective names.

    Michael Byrne, Marquis Huntley, indecent exposure; Hyde Hark [sic] Barrack bench.

[signed] J McLean.

Prin. Sup. Of Convict’s Office.
    Sydney, 27th February, 1845.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 3 Mar 1845 2

    TICKETS-OF-LEAVE-CANCELLED.—The following prisoners of the Crown have had their tickets-of-leave cancelled for the reasons stated against their respective names:—

    Michael Byrne, per Marquis Huntley, for indecent exposure; Hyde Park Barrack bench.


THE following is a list of all the applications for certificates of discharge, notified in the Government Gazette, containing the dates when the applications were notified, and when they are to be made to the Chief Commissioner:—


Name of Applicant. Date of Application.  When Application is to be made.
Samuel Solomon January 26.  March 6. 
John Beattie January 28.  March 6. 
Samuel Owens February 1.  March 6. 
JC Anthony Gooch February 1.  March 6. 
Thomas Piper February 1.  March 6. 
John Martin Davis  February 3.  March 6. 
John R Rouse   March 6. 
William Sharp December 26.  March 13. 
John Jones, of Green swamp, near Berrima   March 13. 
Joseph Taylor February 8.  March 13. 
Joseph Fielding February 12.  March 20. 
Alexander Thompson February 14.  March 27. 
John Morgan  February 14.  March 27. 
John Donohue  February 14.  March 27. 
William Grace  February 10.  March 27. 
Owen McMahon February 19.  March 27. 
John Warner February 24.  March 27. 
Edward Walsh February 26.  April 3. 
Samuel Baylis February 26.  April 3. 
Robert Russell January 14.  May 5. 


1  New South Wales Government Gazette, Fri 28 Feb 1845, p. 232.

2  The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 3 Mar 1845, p. 4.