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1856, John Nash - Unfit For Publication
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The Argus, Wed 13 Feb 1856   1  


    The following is the calendar of prisoners at the Criminal Sessions, Melbourne, which commence on Friday morning next. The names of Captain Forbes and others, who were bailed out at the time of their commitment, will not appear in the above, which comprises only those prisoners who have passed through the gaol:—
    1. James Fahey, stealing cattle of the value of £40, the property of William Thos Mollison, Esq.
    2. Denis Kelly, do, do, do.
    3. Robert Armstrong, stealing two horses, the property of James Smith Lavender.
    4. Patrick Mooney, stealing moneys other articles, the property of James Chapman, at Greensborough.
    5. John Armstrong, stealing two mares, the property of James Smith Lavender, at Dandenong.
    6. Edward Scanlan, stealing a number of horses, the property of James Smith Lavender, at Dandenong.
    7. John Murphy, fraudulently obtaining money by false pretences.
    8. Edon Schamy, obtaining under false pretences, one horse, one saddle, one bridle, and one pair of spurs, of the value of £20, the property of Joseph Henry Doran.
    9. Samuel Croft, stealing a cow and calf the property of Alexander McDonald, at Mordiallock.
    10. Alfred Berens, alias Aarons, cheating and defrauding Edward Cohen, by selling him a certain quantity of carbonate of soda representing the same to be tartaric acid..
    11. William Jones, stealing a horse and dray, a filly, some racks, and other articles, the property of James Howse.
    12. James Henry Moore, feloniously assaulting Edward Doran, and stealing from his person a pocketbook and certain moneys, his property.
    13. Joseph Walker Williams, do, do, do.
    14. John Cleary, do, do, do.
    15. William McLoughlin, stealing two gold watches and chains, the property of Jeremiah Crowley; and stealing a gold watch, one chain, one locket, and two pistols, the property of Edward Murray.
    16. John Riley, stealing a horse, the property of Peter Graham and another.
    17. James McNeill, feloniously stealing a number of merino dresses, socks, ribbons, and other articles.
    18. Thomas Jones, feloniously assaulting a person of the name of Aden, with intent to steal his moneys.
    19. William Thompson, feloniously stealing a gold watch, chain, seal, locket, and ring, as also a waistcoat, trousers, braces, and boots, as also certain moneys, the property of Alexander Marks.
    20. John Anderson, obtaining money from John Chinhall under false pretences.
    21. James Lee, feloniously stealing eighteen pounds in bank notes, the property of Thomas Simpson, of East Kyneton.
    22. Charles Rabin, feloniously stealing four hundred and eighty pounds in bank notes and gold, the property of James Hughes, of Salisbury Plains Station.
    23.Thomas Thomson, feloniously stealing a grey pony of the value of £26, the property of Joseph Riley.
    24. William Webster, feloniously uttering a forged cheque, with intent to cheat and defraud James Hunter Ross and another.
    25. Arthur George Brown, stealing a cow of the value of £6, the property of John Borthwick, of Kyneton.
    26. Joseph D’Trough, do, do, do.
    27. Joseph Willey, do, do, do.
    28. Laurence O’Rourke, do, do, do.
    29. John Nash, bestiality.
    30. John Wilson, stabbing and wounding one Sidney Wolstencroft with a knife in the chest, with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.
    31. Thomas Hughes, stealing a silver watch and chain, the property of one Richard Arnold, of Longwood.
    32. Larry, an aboriginal native, stealing a silver watch and gold chain from the dwelling of Thomas Ballantyne, in Kilmore.
    33. Richard Keeling, feloniously stealing a horse, the property of Stephen McDonogh.
    34. John Costen, feloniously stealing certain moneys, the property of John Stephen.
    35. James Parish, feloniously wounding a mare, the property of Samuel Turner.
    36. Ann Costen, feloniously stealing certain moneys, the property of John Stephen.
    37. Mary Anne Roberts, feloniously stealing certain moneys, the property of Thomas Fleming.
    38. William Kellett (on bail), feloniously marrying and taking to wife one Anne Haverty, his former wife, Mary Kellett, being then alive.


    At an adjourned meeting of the citizens of this part of FitzRoy Ward, held at the Tankerville Arms, Mr Thomas Hargrave was called to the chair, and Mr John Needham elected secretary.
    THE CHAIRMAN read the report of the deputation appointed at the last meeting, which was received.
    MR SCOTCHMERE moved a resolution as follows:—

That a Nicholson-street improvement committee be now appointed to watch over and take any steps they may think best in carrying out the necessary improvements of the said street, and to remain a standing committee until this object is obtained.

    MR INCHBOLD remarked that the temporary rail or tram way was an objection to the formation of the street, the public, especially children, being liable to danger therefrom.
    MR PEARCE, of the British Queen, spoke at length on some ulterior advantages which would result from the extension of the street, and thought that if the Corporation were not in a position to effect the desired improvement, that application should be immediately made to Government, alluding most especially to stockade work as a means for the purpose, and said that he would afterwards give £100 a year towards keeping it in repair.
    MR QUINLAN was content that Nicholson-street should be formed to Reilly-street, as a commencement.
    MR E WILLS was in favor of a deputation being appointed to wait upon the Central Road Board, with reference to the said rail or tram way.
    MR JOHN McLAUGHLAN reported the result of the deputation to the Corporation, which was, “No funds for the purpose,” and thought that Cardigan-street was receiving preferential advantages from the city funds.
    THE CHAIRMAN then put the resolution, which was carried unanimously.
    The following committee was appointed, with power to add to their number:—Messrs Thomas Hargrave, Wm Scotchmore, Wm Hastie, John Needham, Thos Butler, John McLaughlan and Edw Wills.
    MR SCOTCHMERE, after a few eulogistic observations on the attention and kindness at all times (but more particularly on the present occasions) shown by the Aldermen and Councillors, proposed a vote of thanks to those gentlemen, which was duly recorded.
    Moved by MR SCOTCHMERE and seconded by MR NEEDHAM—

        That a copy of these proceedings (together with a vote of thanks) be sent to the press.

    A vote of thanks was then recorded to the chairman, followed by the same compliment to the secretary and landlord, when the meeting dissolved.
    The committee appointed next Tuesday, February 19th, as their first night of meeting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Argus, Mon 18 Feb 1856  2 

FRIDAY, 15th FEBRUARY, 1856.
(Before his Honor the Chief Justice.)

    The sessions commenced at the usual hour, the Solicitor-General prosecuted on behalf of the Crown.

    An application was made by Mr Dawson to have a day named for the trial of Captain Forbes, late of the Schomberg: the application it was stated would be renewed on following day.


    The following were fined £5 each for non-attendance:—Richard Gibbs, Fredk Georgeson, Edmund Howard Gregory, William Grove, and Edward Thomas Garrett.

(Before His Honor Mr Justice Barry.)


   John Nash, a private of the 40th Regiment, was found guilty of an attempt to commit an act of bestiality. The details are, of course, unfit for our columns.

    Sentence—Two years’ hard labor on the roads.

1  The Argus, Wed 13 Feb 1856, p. 5. Emphasis added.

2  The Argus, Mon 18 Feb 1856, p. 5.