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Wagga Wagga Advertiser and Riverine Reporter, Wed 19 Nov 1873 1

Monday, Nov 17.
(Before the Police Magistrate.)

    THE BACCHANALS. [sic]—Fred. Steigman was fined 10s., John Wright £1, and John Durick 5s., for being drunk and disorderly. Several other persons convicted of being intoxicated, were cautioned and discharged.

    NON COMPOS MENTIS.—An unfortunate man named John Dooley was charged with being of unsound mind. Dr Robinson, who examined the prisoner, gave it as his opinion that he was insane, and that this state of the brain was brought on by excessive drinking. Dooley was remanded to gaol for one week for medical treatment.

    LARCENY.—John Plummer was charged with stealing a swag (valued at £2), the property of William Kay, a labouring man, who left the swag for a time at the ARCENYCriterion Hotel. The fact of the theft was clearly proved, and the Bench sentenced Plummer to six months’ hard labour in the Wagga Wagga gaol.

    RESISTING A CONSTABLE.—Peter Smith, who had been cautioned and discharged for being drunk in a public place, was brought up now for resisting a constable in the execution of his duty, and for this offence was fined £2, with the alternative of one month in gaol.

    OBSCENE LANGUAGE.— John Durick, for using obscene and profane language, was fined £1, or in default, one month’s imprisonment.

Tuesday, Nov 18.
(Before the Police Magistrate.)

    MINOR OFFENCES,—John Simms, for being drunk and disorderly, was fined £2, or one month in gaol. John White and George Alcroft, for disorderly conduct, were cautioned and discharged. Henry Shaw was fined 5s. for being drunk; and Daniel McCoy, similarly charged, was cautioned only.

    RESISTING THE POLICE.—John Simons, charged with resisting and assaulting the police, was ordered to gaol for fourteen days.

    LARCENY.—William Jones was brought before the Court charged with stealing a coat, valued at £3, the property of Cornelius Mclnery. The theft was perpetrated at the Criterion Hotel, on Saturday, and the prisoner was committed to take his trial at the next Court of Quarter Sessions.

    UNNATURAL CRIME. — A man named Joseph Spencer [aka George Williams] was charged with an unnatural offence, the details of which are too disgusting for report.

    The prisoner was remanded for three days, for further enquiry, there being considerable doubt as to the identity of the accused.


1     Wagga Wagga Advertiser and Riverine Reporter, (NSW), Wed 19 Nov 1873, p. 2. Emphasis added.