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The Mudgee Liberal, Thu 21 May 1863 1


Before the Police Magistrate and Messrs Cox, Cadell, and McCauley.

    Mary Hoffman was fined 16s and costs for assaulting one Emma Raynor. Mr Brodribb for complainant 


    William Upsall was committed for trial upon the above charge. The evidence is unfit for publication.


    Michael McCarroll was fined 10s for stealing some green barley the property [of] Mr Julian. 


    The license of Mr Joseph Cox, for the public house at Merrendee was transferred to Mr Jones.

    A license for the public house opposite the court-house, Mudgee, was granted to Mr Joseph Cox.

    Permission to hold booths on the Mudgee Race-course at the ensuing races was also granted to the purchasers of the booths; also to Mr Heard for a booth at the Agricultural Show.

    Mr Brodribb appeared for the applicants.


     ACCIDENT. — On Tuesday last, Mr Louis Reuben, son of Mr Reuben, storekeeper, jumped on to a half broken horse without a saddle, and had proceeded but a few paces when the horse propped and threw him, dislocating his wrist, the hand being bent backwards, and the fingers pointing to the elbow. Dr King was called, who restored the hand to its proper position and applied the usual remedies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Western Post and People’s Representative, Fri 22 May 1863 2

Before the Police Magistrate.
William Upsell [aka Upsall].

    Trooper Cleary deposed that he was stationed at Keen’s Swamp; the prisoner was given into his custody at Cudgegong, by Mr Wilkins, on a charge of being in the act of committing an unnatural offence, and also with having assaulted Mr Wilkins.

    W Wilkins said he was a publican, and resided at Cudgegong; the prisoner was one of his servants; he gave him into custody for attempting to commit an unnatural offence with a calf about eleven weeks old; the offence happened about 9 o’clock on Sunday night, when his wife called his attention to a noise one of the calves was making; he went out to see what was the cause of it, and found one of the calves lying on its side close down to the bottom of the railing tied with a rope. (The evidence which followed is unfit for publication.) Upon asking the prisoner what he was doing, he replied, “Going to sleep with the calves;” he then came out of the pen, when he told him he intended giving him into custody; prisoner begged him not to do so, as he would get in for it; he then took the prisoner as far as the stone door at the end of the kitchen, when he turned round, struck him, and begged to be allowed to go; prisoner next attempted to throw him down, and both fell; his brother came and caught hold of prisoner; another man came up, but not knowing who was wrong, caught hold of his brother, and the prisoner escaped; prisoner had no shoes on at the time, and, expecting he would return for them, he waited half an hour; finding he did not do so, he went in pursuit of the prisoner, and found him in a hut; he had a gun in his hand, and told prisoner if he attempted to move he would shoot him; he then took him to the house, and kept him until the arrival of the police.

    Remanded until Thursday. 

Before the Police Magistrate, T Cadell, GH Cox, and A McCauley, Esqrs.


    Michael Carrol—Stealing green barley.
    Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to pay 10s, or be imprisoned 24 hours.


    W Upsall, remanded upon a charge of unnatural offence, was committed to take his trial at the next Quarter Sessions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Western Post and People’s Representative, Wed 5 Aug 1863 3

    UNION BENEFIT SOCIETY.—The half-yearly meeting of the members of the Union Benefit Society was held at the Maitland Hotel on Monday evening for the purpose of electing officers for the half year, &c. Mr Christian presided. The minutes of the former meeting having been read and confirmed, the members present paid their weekly pence money, which amounted to £15 8s. The treasurer’s account, which had been duly audited, was next read, from which it appeared that the society had a balance of £365 4s 4d, upon £300 of which they were receiving interest. The following were elected officers for the ensuing half year:—Mr W Howarth, chairman; Mr W Branscombe, vice chairman; Mr W Readford, treasurer; Messrs WF Stanbury and A Cox, auditors; Mr J Masters, check clerk; Mr Haskew, secretary; Dr King, medical officer; Messrs Orchard, Caplin, Lovejoy, and Hamley, stewards. Mr Lovejoy proposed Mr Branscombe, seconded a vote of thanks to the retiring officers, Mr Christian having replied, Mr Howarth thanked the members for again unanimously electing him chairman of their truly benevolent society—a society which for usefulness was second to none in the district, and which, from the increasing support it was receiving, was evidently regarded as such by the inhabitants. He trusted that during his term of office nothing would happen to mar the harmony which had hitherto characterised the working of the society, and that it would, under the guidance of the officers elected, increase both in numbers and in public estimation; he was convinced that hey had only to pull well together to make the society stronger and more influential.

   The members of the Institute are reminded of Mr Marley’s lecture to-morrow evening.

    MUDGEE HOSPITAL.—The members of the committee are reminded that the monthly meeting will be held this afternoon, at the Maitland Hotel.

    The Attorney-General has declined to prosecute Thomas Maddox and John Wilton, who at the last Quarter Sessions were bound over to appear when called upon, to answer a charge of having given false information to the police; and likewise William Upsall, charged with having committed a unnatural offence, at Cudgegong.

    The Police Magistrate has received from the Sheriff’s Department, a large quantity of thick matting for the Court, and Magistrates’ rooms, manufactured by the prisoners. The whole of the flooring of the court has been covered, which has not only given a comfortable appearance, but has also effected a very considerable improvement in the accoustic [sic] capabilities of the room.

    THE WEATHER—On Friday last heavy rain set in, which continued more or less until Monday. On Saturday, Lawson’s Creek overflowed its banks; it however soon ran down. The Cudgegong has for several days been bank high. Had the rain continued for a short time longer, the whole of the low lands would have been under water. Happily, a change of wind brought a change of weather, which relieved the farmers from the anxiety they felt about their fences and ploughed land.

    MR DALLEY, MP, on Friday last, presented a petition from the inhabitants of Mudgee in favour of licensing carriers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Mudgee Liberal, Thu 6 Aug 1863 4



Before the Police Magistrate and Mr WR Blackman.


    JD Little was summoned for ten shillings wages due to one Thomas Powell. Defendant proved that he had purchased blankets, &c, for the plaintiff, to the amount of 5s 11d over the wages. Case dismissed.


    In the cases of William Upsall, and the two lads Maddox and Wilson charged with giving false information to the police, the Attorney General declines to prosecute.



Before the Police Magistrate, and Mr N P Bayly.


    Charles Lloyd, apprehended by Mr Mansel for having a stolen horse and rifle in his possession, was remanded for a week.


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