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1869, Thomas Bacon - Unfit For Publication
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The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thu 20 May 1869 1



(Before SB Dight, J Lethbridge, and J Johnston, Esqs.)

    ASSAULT.—James Neal was charged with assaulting his mother, Mrs Neal. The case was withdrawn by the complainant.

    TENEMENTS ACT.—John Smith, Mary Smith, Jane Smith, and Sarah Smith were charged with refusing to deliver up possession of a tenement and land to Alexander Campbell. On the application of defendants the case was postponed for one week:—A similar case, Davys v McGowan, was also postponed for one week. Mr Thompson appeared in the former case for the complainant, and in the latter for the defendant.

    WIFE DESERTION.—Frazer v. Frazer: There was no appearance in this case. Mr Thompson, for the defendant, stated that the case had been settled out of court. A case between the same parties for child desertion had also been settled out of court.

(Abridged from the Armidale Papers, May 15.)

    The Telegraph states that the town is not likely to suffer much longer from a lack of vegetables, as two Chinese have taken a paddock upon the border of the creek, where they grow cabbages and other vegetables surpassing anything seen in Armidale for a long time past.

    With reference to the late robbery at Mr Ince’s inn we notice that a man named John Atkins has been brought up at the police court, charged with having committed the robbery. Several of the stolen cheques, and other property, were found upon the prisoner, who made no defence, and was committed to take his trial at the next Court of Quarter Sessions.

    At a meeting of the Armidale Borough Council held on Tuesday evening, May 11, the Mayor announced that he had been compelled to suspend the Town Clerk, for having been intoxicated, and unable to attend to his duty. The Council then resolved itself into a committee of the whole for the purpose of considering the matter, when it was resolved that the Town Clerk, Mr Lamb, should be summoned to attend on Thursday evening, and show cause why he should not be dismissed.—At the meeting held on Thursday Mr Lamb did not attend, but sent a letter of apology, alleging family troubles as his excuse; he had, he said, a house filled with sick children, and a wife sick in Sydney, and was without means to send for her home.—A discussion at some length ensued. Alderman Trim described the pitiable state in which he had found the children of the Town Clerk. Aldermam [sic] Salmon had just seen Mr Lamb; he was lying in an outhouse at another person’s place, covered with sacks, and evidently in want of medical treatment. After some further remarks it was resolved to take into consideration the question of the Town Clerk’s dismissal or reinstatement at the next meeting of the Council on Tuesday, 18th inst.

    The weather has been very dry and frosty at Armidale. At Glen Innes it has been bitterly cold.



  We have been visited with more rain, in fact some of the residents are beginning to sing out for fine weather.

    POLICE BUSINESS.—Hickey v Purdy: this was a charge of illegally detaining and using some working bullocks; case dismissed. Thomas Bacon, charged with an unnatural offence, [sodomy with a boy named James Kelly ], was acquitted. Colwell v Frasby: Daniel Fransby, charge with perjury; case dismissed. Motgumery v Taylor: This was a case of debt; verdict for plaintiff. Field v Cockburn: For debt; verdict for plaintiff.


1  The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thu 20 May 1869, p. 4. Emphasis added.