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1869, Francis Killeen - Unfit For Publication
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Below also see: Francis Killeen, 1870
Francis Killeen, 1877


The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 9 Nov 1869 1


BEFORE the Water Police Magistrate, with Messrs Voss, A Thompson, and Williams.
    Seven drunkards were punished.
    Francis Killeen was sent to gaol for two months, for wilfully and obscenely exposing his person in Datchett-street, Balmain. 
    Francis Turner, a seaman belonging to the ship Dilawur, for wilful disobedience, was sentenced to be imprisoned for seven days.
    Robert McKeown v. Alfred McIntosh was an assault case, in which the complainant did not appear, and the information was dismissed upon payment of a guinea professional costs, by defendant.
    To-morrow, being a general holiday, the Water Police Magistrate will attend for the disposal of drunkards only.



Francis Killeen, 1870 


Empire, Sat 5 Mar 1870 2

(Before Messrs Burnell, Caraher,, Chapman, Day, and
JE Manning.)

    Francis Killeen, who was brought up on two charges of wilfully exposing his person on the 22nd, and also on the 23rd ultimo, was sent by their worships to gaol for six months on each charge, the second six months to commence at the expiration of the first sentence.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 5 Mar 1870 3


Before their Worships Messrs Carahar, Day, Manning, Chapman, and Burnell.
    Francis Killeen appeared on summons on two charges, for exposing his person to view of people in Darling-street, Balmain , on the 22nd and 23rd ultimo, for which offence he was sentenced to be imprisoned for twelve months. Prisoner received this severe sentence in consequence of his having offended in a like manner on several occasions previously.



Francis Killeen, 1877 


The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 20 Aug 1877 4


BEFORE the Water Police Magistrate, with Messrs Hunt, Taylor, Edwards, Greville, and Neale.

    Frank Killeen, carpenter, for being drunk in Vincent-lane, was fined 20., or seven days in the lockup; and for wilful and indecent exposure on the same occasion was sent to gaol for six months, it being his fourth conviction for a similar offence.

    ROSTER.—Monday: Messrs Brodribb, Goodridge, Marks, Gary, MacMahon, Lester, and Holborow. Tuesday: Messrs Hunt, Reading, Smith, Paxton, Neale, Ridge, and Purves. Wednesday: Messrs Josephson, Roseby, Smart, Brown, Senior, and Palmer. Thursday: Messrs Oatley, Charlton, Raphael, Bird, Solomon, McBeath, Davies, Murray, Harris, and Gray. Friday: Messrs Lester, MacMahon, Smart, Manning, Morgan, Charlton, and Goodridge. Saturday: Messrs Voss, Taylor, Hunt, Greville, and Edwards.


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