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The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 17 Mar 1877 1


BEFORE the Water Police Magistrate and Messrs Lester Goodridge, Smart, Charlton, MacMahon, and Hunt.

    Four persons were find for drunkenness. James Carroll was fined 20s, or seven day’s gaol, for having been drunk and disorderly in Bridge-street.

    William Thompson was fined 20s, or seven day’s gaol, for indecent behaviour in Palmer-street.

    Francis Edgeworth was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment for indecent behaviour in Stanley-lane.

    Thomas Murphy was ordered to pay a fine of 20s, or be imprisoned seven days, for having stolen three doves, valued at 15s, the property of EAS West.

    SUMMONS CASES.—There were forty-eight cases on the sheet, in the name of the Inspector of Nuisances, but most of them either withdrawn or postponed. The following persons were fined, the charges against them being that of allowing offensive matter to remain on their premises:—Henry J Collary and Robert Eveson were fined £5 each; Charles Holmen, George Bunten, and Joseph Hume were fined £2 each; and Mary Ann Smidmore was fined £4.

    When the intelligence of the death of Archbishop Polding was read by the Bench, the remainder of the business was postponed, and the Court was adjourned as a mark of respect to the late prelate.


1  The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 17 Mar 1877, p. 8. Emphasis added.