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Evening News, Tue 13 Feb 1877 1


    The following is the list of cases for trial at the Central Criminal Court commencing to-morrow morning:—Hugh Roche and Walter Tonn, sodomy; James Johnson, rape; Fred Cohen and Thomas Chapman, rape; Andrew Dunn, rape; John Albert, inflicting grievous bodily harm; John O’Brien, assault and robbery; Frederick Clough, assault and robbery; Patrick Murphy, assault and robbery; Alfred G Davis, forgery; Patrick J Ronan, embezzlement; Patrick J Roman, embezzlement; [sic] John F Cooper, forgery; John P Cuff, forgery; James Frampton, unlawfully wounding; George Griffiths, assault on the high seas; Henry Williams, William Webb, and George Tansley, assault and robbery; Edward Bones, wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm; Charles Percival and Edward Stewart, stealing; Archibald McInnes, bestiality; Wm Luxford, murder; Joseph Craignon, wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 15 Feb 1877 2


    The sittings of the Central Criminal Court commenced this morning, before his Honor Sir James Martin, CJ. The Attorney-General, prosecuted for the Crown. There was not a lengthy list, though it included several offences of a very serious nature.


    Prior to the commencement of the business, Mr Frederick Jennings Armstrong  was, on the motion of the Attorney-General admitted to the Bar of New South Wales. Mr Armstrong was called to the English Bar at the Middle Temple on the 18th November, 1872; and the certificate of his call was expected to arrive by next mail.


    Archibald McInnes was charged with having committed this offence, [bestiality with a mare ], on the 1st February, at Tinonee.  Mr Buchanan, instructed by Mr RB Smith, defended. The capital charge was abandoned, and the charge for attempt only was proceeded with. The case for the Crown rested on the evidence of eye-witness; and the defence went not only on the reliability of his testimony, but also on the question that prisoner was under 14 years’ of age at the time the alleged offence was committed. In support of the latter point prisoner’s father was called, but no certificate of the registration of the birth of prisoner, who was a native of the colony, was produced. His Honor left the question of evidence as to the age to the jury, who, after a short retirement, found the prisoner not guilty.


1  Evening News, (Sydney, NSW), Tue 13 Feb 1877, p. 2.  Emphasis added.

2  The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 16 Feb 1877, p. 2.