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1880, William Rae - Unfit For Publication
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The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 11 Nov 1880 1

(Before his Honor the Chief Justice.)

    The November sittings of the Central Criminal Court were begun this morning at the Darlinghurst courthouse, Mr FE Rogers prosecuting on behalf of the Attorney-General.


     The following gentlemen, summoned as jurors, were fined 40s each for not answering to their names:– John Hinchcliff, Newtown; Henry Gorman, Elizabeth Bay Road; John Graham, Sydney; Morris Gotthelf, Darlinghurst.


    William Ray [aka William Rae] was arraign upon a similar charge, [unnatural offence with a goat ], alleged to have been committed at Sydney on September 14. In this case also Mr Lingen, at the request of his Honor, undertook the defence of the prisoner. Evidence was given in support of the charge, and the jury after a short retirement returned a verdict of not guilty, and prisoner was discharged.

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The Daily Telegraph, Fri 12 Nov 1880 2

(Before the Chief Justice.)

    Mr FE Rogers conducted the prosecutions on behalf of the Crown.

    UNNATURAL OFFENCES.— George Jackson, charged with committing an offence at Sydney, on the 11th September last, was found guilty of attempt, and sentenced to 12 months hard labour in Darlinghurst Gaol. William Ray, arraigned on a similar charge, alleged to have been committed at Sydney, on the 14th September last, was found not guilty, and acquitted. At the request of his Honor, Mr Lingen defended both prisoners.


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