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Below also see: John Murphy, 1884,
John Murphy, 1887


The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 9 Dec 1879 1


    At the CENTRAL POLICE COURT, yesterday, the Bench was occupied by Messrs Murray, Hunt, Pearce, Davis, Fowler, Fraser, Alexander, Smithers, and McCoy.

    John Murphy, 69, charged with having committed an offence of an abominable nature, [bestiality with a dog ], was committed for trial at the Central Criminal Court.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 12 Feb 1880 2

(Before his Honor Mr Justice WINDEYER.)

    The sittings of the Central Criminal Court were commenced at the Courthouse, Darlinghurst, this morning.
    The Attorney-General (the Hon Robert Wisdom) prosecuted for the Crown.


    John Murphy, an old man, was charged with having, on the night of the 8th December last, committed a disgusting offence. The prisoner pleaded not guilty. Senior-constable Daley, who arrested the prisoner, described the nature of the offence.

    The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the prisoner was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment in Darlinghurst gaol, Murphy having already been in gaol for three months, awaiting his trial.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 9 Mar 1880 3


    Yesterday, the Police Magistrate was assisted in the Crime Court by Messrs Moses, Hunt, and Pearce; and in the Summons Court by Messrs Fraser, Bull, and Alexander.

    John Murphy, 29, [sic] described by the police as a suspected person, was charged before Mr Smart, by constable Dunlop. With frequenting Hyde Park, with intent to commit a felony. Between the hours of 12 and 1, on Monday morning, constables Dunlop and Riley, being on duty in Hyde Park, saw the prisoner go to a man named Pace, who lay asleep on the grass, and handle him about the pockets. They took him into custody, and charged him as stated above. He was found guilty, and sentenced to be imprisoned with hard labour for as period of six months.



John Murphy, 1884 

The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 25 Feb 1884 4



    Mr Crane, SM, presided on Saturday. John Murphy was charged with willful and obscene exposure at Homebush on the morning of Sunday, the 10th instant, before Miss Flanagan. The case had been twice remanded. Mr Dargan appeared for the defendant. Several previous convictions were brought to the notice of the Bench. Prisoner was sent to gaol for three months, with hard labour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 4 Mar 1884 5

(Before his Honor the CHIEF JUSTICE.)

    The Hon WB Dalley, QC, assisted by Mr WJ Foster, prosecuted on behalf of the Crown.


    John Murphy, an old man, was arraigned for having committed a criminal assault at Newtown,  on January 8th last.

    The jury found the prisoner not guilty, and he was discharged.


    The following jurors were fined 40s. For non-attendance:– Thomas Henry Reeve, ironmonger, George-street; Andrew Torning, agent, Elizabeth-street, Waterloo; John Gilchrist, merchant, Elizabeth Bay; and Henry Barclay, contractor, of Crown-street.



John Murphy, 1887 

The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 26 Sep 1887 6


    Mr Clarke, SM, dealt with a number of cases at the CENTRAL POLICE COURT on Saturday, and remanded those which were of a serious nature.

    John Murphy, an elderly man, who had been arrested on warrant by Detective Clough, was remanded to Pambula upon a charge of having committed an unnatural crime at Boggy Creek.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bega Standard and Candelo, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden, Wolumla …, and general advertiser, Sat 5 Nov 1887 7

WEDNESDAY, 31st [sic] NOVEMBER, 1887.
(Before His Honor Mr Acting Judge Fitzhardinge.)

    Jury: Messrs. Rodd (foreman), R Russell, Armstrong, Nadin, J Rheinberger, C Parbery, JJ Smith, Watson, W Irvin, J Porter, A Stennett and AW Row.


    A REPULSIVE-LOOKING old man named Murphy, a maintenance man working on the southern road, who was committed from Pambula, pleaded guilty to the commital [sic] of an unnatural offence. He asked the Judge to order him to be imprisoned in either Goulburn or Parramatta gaol, as it would be warmer in one of them than at Darlinghurst. His Honor said he thought any gaol would be “pretty warm” for him, and ordered his incarceration for 9 months in Darlinghurst, saying it would rest with the Comptroller-General of Prisons where he should afterwards be sent to.

    His Honor said he desired to commend Constable Hanna for his action in arresting Moon at Delegate, and requested Sergt Church to take a note of it and forward his recommendation to the proper authorities (If any kudos is to be given, we certainly think Sergt Church id entitled to his share of it, for he it was who advised Hanna the very place where the horses could be found.– Ed. B.S.)

    Mr Henry Otton was then sworn in as a magistrate of the colony, and his Honor having thanked the jury for the attention and cate bestowed on the cases, closed the court.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Murphy, Gaol photo sheet 8

SRNSW: NRS2138, [3/6048] , Darlinghurst Gaol photographic description book, 1886-1887, No.3996, p. 243, R5102.



Gaol Photo Sheet - Transcribed Details

No. 3996

Date when Portrait was taken: 10-11-1887

Prisoner's Name: John Murphy

Native place: Ireland

Year of birth: 1822

Arrived        Ship: 
in Colony }   Year:

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Labor

Religion: R. Cath

Education, degree of: Read only

Colour of hair: Grey

Colour of eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 5½"

Weight     On committal: 148
in lbs     }  On discharge: 

Marks or Special Features: 

Where and when tried: Bega Quarter Sessions
2 Nov '87

Offence: Attempt to commit Bestiality

Sentence: 9 months HL Syd Gaol


 (Previous Portrait ...  ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence

Sydney CC


Sydney CC










Attempt to commit an unnatural offence on a dog


Attempt to commit an unnatural offence on a dog

9 months HL

2 months HL



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