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1894, John Ranes - Unfit For Publication
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Evening News, Tue 27 Feb 1894 1


    GUNNEDAH, Tuesday.—The quarter sessions opened before Judge Gibson yesterday, Mr Armstrong prosecuting for the Crown. Thomas Allen, charged with stealing a mare, was found not guilty. John Gallagher, charged with a similar offence, was also found not guilty. In the case of James McCann, charged with attempting to commit an abominable offence, the jury, after being lockup for 17 hours, were unable to agree. Accused was allowed bail, self in £80 and two sureties of £40 each. John Raines, for committing an unnatural offence, was found guilty and sentenced to six months in Gunnedah Gaol.

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The Namoi Independent and Advertiser, Tue 27 Feb 1894 2

Monday, February 26.
(Before His Honor Judge Gibson.)

    The Quarter Sessions were opened yesterday (Monday) morning by His Honor Judge Gibson. Mr Armstrong prosecuted on behalf of the Crown.

    John Raines [aka John Ranes] was charged on two counts of attempting and the committing of an unnatural offence, [bestiality]. The prisoner pleaded not guilty.

    Jury:—O Darcey, P Darcey, S Cohen, JJ Dederer, J Cobb, JP Cantrell, G Bussell, LW Guest, GW Hawke, F Wigger, W Burton and J Woodward.

    WO Jackson and TA Loughrey gave evidence for the for the [sic] prosecution.

    Constable Trevathen gave evidence as to arresting accused.

    The jury brought in a verdict of guilty and prisoner was sentenced to 6 months.


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