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1894, William Mulherin - Unfit For Publication
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Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser, Thu 28 Apr 1894 1


This court opened on Tuesday, before his Honor Sir George Innes. The members of the legal profession present were Mr G Innes, Crown Prosecutor; Messrs RJ Browning, JG O’Ryan, and Garland, barristers; Messrs F Norrie, G Foott, RR Donaldson, WA Manning, F McGuren, CW Readett, H Everingham, Grafton; Mr AS Robison, Maclean; Mr P Street, Lismore; Mr LH Glasgow, Casino; Mr JR Stocks, Ballina; Mr W Niland (clerk from office of Messrs Crick and Meagher, Sydney). Mr Reginald Innes acted as Judge’s Associate, and Mr EH Wilshire represented the Crown Solicitor.

    The usual proclamation against vice and immorality was read by the Associate.

    The whole of the jury answered to their names. The civil list was also called, and informed they would not be required till Wednesday.


    William Mulherrin [aka Mulherin], on bail, was arraigned with committing this offence, [bestiality with a mare ], near Casino  on 22nd January last, and pleaded not guilty. He was defended by Mr O’Ryan, instructed by Mr Glasgow.

    Jury: John Butcher, Robt Boyle, Francis Levy, Thomas Higham, George McFarlane, Geo Robinson, Henry Bale, Thos T Bawden, Francis Tully, Michael Duggan, Jeremiah Thornton, Samuel Kearney (foreman).

    Accused challenged one juror.

    The details of the case are unfit for publication. Women and boys were ordered out of court.

    Evidence for the prosecution was given by Thos Simpkins, James W Raynor, C Kent, Senior-constable Draper.

    Accused, who is a road contractor, 24 years of age, residing with his father, absolutely denied the charge.

    Thos Carroll and John Mulherrin (father of accused) also gave evidence.

    The jury, after a short retirement, returned a verdict of acquittal.


1   Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser, Thu 28 Apr 1894, p. 3. Emphasis added.