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Evening News, Fri 16 Nov 1883 1


    A man named Cornelius Regan was charged at the Water police court this morning with attempting to commit a horrible offence in connection with another prisoner named John Watt, in No. 4 police station. Mr H Levien appeared for the prisoner. The case was heard with closed door. Prisoner was duly committed for trial. The constable under cross-examination admitted that he saw the man preparing to commit the offence, and did not speak to him to prevent it.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 10 Dec 1883 2


    The next sittings of the Metropolitan Quarter Sessions will commence at Darlinghurst today. Mr District Court Judge Wilkinson will preside, and Mr Healy will prosecute on behalf of the Crown. The following are the cases for trial:—John Wholland, larceny; Eli Woodley, inflicting grievous bodily harm (2), assault; Conrad Jockel (1) forgery (2) uttering; Richard Murray, indecent assault on a girl under 14 years of age; Richard Hewett (1), forgery, (2) uttering; John Brock, larceny; Elizabeth Bourke and Florence Queen, stealing from the person; Henry Halbrook, stealing certain documents of title to land (1) forgery, (2) uttering; Ernest Lacey Hellier, false pretences; Stephen Fayhey and Henry Baker, burglary and stealing; Joseph Marron, breaking and entering a shop and stealing therein; Richard Flynn and Cornelius Cavanagh, robbery in company; Frederick Burgess, larceny; Andrew Shea, assault occasioning actual bodily harm; Richard Allen, assault with intent to rob; Elizabeth Murphy, Emily Mary Batten, Henry Kingston, and William Batten, (1) larceny, (2) receiving; Delia Thompson, (1) feloniously and maliciously wounding, (2) assault; James Herbert, uttering a forged bank note; Frank Waterworth, stealing a post letter; Mary Ann Hall, larceny; Cornelius Regan, (1) attempt to commit an unnatural offence, (2) indecent assault; Frederick Morse, breach of the 146th section of the Criminal Law Amendment Act; George Smith, Charles Thomas Mutton, and Isaac Harris, robbery with violence; William Beaumont, (1) horsestealing, (2) larceny; Mary Elizabeth Cooper, feloniously and unlawfully abandoning and exposing a child under the age of two years; Henry Wise, attempt to commit suicide; William Barnes, feloniously and maliciously wounding; John Ward, indecent assault; Solomon Lindo, (1) embezzlement as a co-partner, (2) embezzlement as a joint owner; Thomas Walton, attempt at suicide; Edward Henry Simmons and Thomas Clarke, conspiracy; Francis Maguire, feloniously and maliciously wounding; Rose Hope, feloniously and maliciously wounding; John Chase, false pretences; Patrick Hynes and Frank Scott, larceny; Sydney Warren, William Warren, Michael Fitzgibbons, and James Dixon (1) feloniously and maliciously wounding, (2) assault; Thomas Basset, breaking and entering a shop and stealing therein; Kate Edwards, larceny; Richard Coady (the younger), larceny; Dennis O’Sullivan, attempt at suicide; Charles Henry Kingswell, feloniously and maliciously wounding, (2) assault; William Thresher, attempt at suicide; Mary Ryan, stealing from the person; William Gleeson, larceny; William Gleeson, horsestealing and larceny; John Dickens, forgery and uttering; William John Ellis, larceny.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 11 Dec 1883 3

(Before Mr District Court Judge WILKINSON.)

    Mr PJ Healy prosecuted on behalf of the Crown.


    The following jurors were fined 40s each for non-attendance:—Robert Anderson, Camden-street, Newtown; Michael Casey, 164, Albion-street; William McQuade, South Head-road, Waverley; John Montgomery, 149, Bathurst-street; Francis Watkins, Burwood.


    Cornelius Regan, a young man, was charged with having at Sydney, on the 9th November, attempted to commit an unnatural offence, [sodomy on Henry Watt]. On a second count the defendant was charged with having committed an indecent assault. It was alleged that the offence was committed in a cell at the No. 4 police station. The jury having deliberated for some time brought in a verdict of not guilty, and the defendant was discharged.


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