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1884, Samuel Ewing - Unfit For Publication
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The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 18 Apr 1884 1

(By Telegraph.)

Grafton, Thursday.

    Mr Acting-Judge Foster arrived here two-day. The Circuit Court, which opens tomorrow, will have an unusually heavy calendar, owing to four or five cases sent here from Richmond River. A large number of people are in the town, having come over as witnesses in these cases, one of which—a charge of arson—promises to be a very lengthy trial.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser, Sat 19 Apr 1884 2


THIS COURT was opened yesterday morning by his Honor Acting-Judge WJ Foster. Mr W Tarleton acted as Crown Prosecutor; and Mr HF Norrie attended from the Crown Solicitor’s office. The members of the legal profession present were:—Messrs E Bennett and F Gibson, barristers; and Messrs J Meillon, G Foott, F Norrie, EJ Laman, and EW Allingham, attorneys.
    The usual proclamation against vice and immorality, was read by the Judge’s Associate, Mr JCJ Foster.
    The names of the jury summoned for the Court, were then called over by the Associate, and they all answered to their names.


    Samuel Ewing was charged with having committed an offence, [with a sow ], of this character at Emigrant Creek,  on the 6th November last.

    Prisoner pleaded not guilty.

    The following jury were empanelled—A Kimpton, J O’Meally, SJ Marriott, W Wilcox, R Payne, T Wilcox, J Garretty, T Dellow, L Stuhlert, J Cowan, E Napper, W Everingham.

    The prisoner applied for counsel, as he stated that he was unable to provide it himself.

    His Honor said as this was not a capital offence it was not usual to provide counsel, and the law would take its course.

    The Crown Prosecutor briefly laid the facts of the case before the jury, and called Constable Walker, who stated that according to information he received, he arrested the prisoner. When prisoner was being taken to the lockup, he said it was better that it would be cleared up.

    After hearing the evidence of William James Prentice, and Mary Ann Prentice,  for the prosecution; and Luke Cloutier and John Johnson for the defence, the details of which are wholly unfit for publication, the Crown Prosecutor briefly addressed the jury.

    His Honor summed up, and the jury retired to consider their verdict.

    The Court adjourned from 1.5 to 1.45.

    The Court on resuming, the jury in the case of bestiality were called in, and found a verdict of not guilty against the prisoner, who was thereupon discharged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Northern Star and Richmond and Tweed Rivers Advocate, Wed 23 Apr 1884 3


Grafton, April 19.

    The Circuit opened here, yesterday, before Judge Foster, Mr Tarleton being Crown Prosecutor, when the following cases were heard,—Thomas Wallace, for larceny, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to two years imprisonment. W Freeman, J McLennan, and F McLennan, charged with injuring a horse, were dismissed, the case not being proven. S Ewing, for bestiality, was acquitted. T Woodman, for arson, was acquitted,. Barham’s case, for arson, will not come on until Monday next, as his counsel (Mr Want) has not arrived yet. The numbers of Richmond River people here (some 50), are attracting attention.

Grafton, April 22.

    Ten witnesses for the Crown have been heard, and the witness Brown is now in the box. Barrow’s evidence is very contradictory, and the general opinion is, that Barham will be acquitted.


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