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1897, Samuel Plumley - Unfit For Publication
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The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 19 Feb 1897 1



Kempsey, Wednesday.

    The Quarter Sessions and the District Court were opened this morning before Judge Coffey. Samuel Plomley, [aka Samuel Plumley] charged with an indecent offence, was found not guilty. John Clune, on a charge of false pretences, was found not guilty. Edward Freeman, on a charge of horse-stealing, was remanded for sentence. The assault case, in which Father [Michael] Mennis 2 and A[lbert] F Chapman are charged with assaulting the Rev JB Penman, stands part heard. George and Bernard Gogerty, charged with conspiracy, were brought in not guilty, and discharged.


    The Quarter Sessions concluded to-day. Edward Freeman, for horse-stealing, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. In the case of Chapman and Father Mennis, charged with having assaulted the Rev Penman the jury retired yesterday at 8.30 pm and at 10 this morning had not agreed. The jury was then discharged, and the defendants were remanded on bail till the next Quarter Sessions or such place as the Attorney-General might appoint. Judge Coffey expressed surprise that the jury were unable to agree on the evidence as set before them. The case caused a great deal of interest.

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The Macleay Argus, Sat 20 Feb 1897 3

Tuesday.—Before His Honor, Judge Coffey.

    Mr RJ Browning acted as Crown Prosecutor. Mr Moriarty, barrister, Messrs J Gilfillan, JR Marrack, and PP Jones, solicitors were also present.


    Samuel Plomley was charged with committing an unnatural [bestiality] offence. Jury.— Messrs WJ McCarney, C Dornan, A Everson, J Partridge, Jas Gosson, Jno Kesby, John Clarke, JP, J Notley, AV Smith, H Davis, JH Betts, and J Jeffery.
    Accused pleaded not guilty. Mr Jones appeared for the defence.
    Evidence for the prosecution was given by JS Connors, W Hughes, and Const Lawler. For the defence C Basche, J O’Neil, JR Linsley and the accused [Samuel Plumley] gave evidence.
    The jury returned a verdict of not guilty and the accused was discharged.


1     The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 19 Feb 1897, p. 5. Emphasis added.

2     Clarence and Richmond Examiner, Sat 2 Jan 1897, p. 5.


Kempsey, Wednesday.

    Father Mennis and A Chapman were charged with assaulting the Rev JB Penman, a Primitive Methodist minister. The evidence adduced showed that early on the morning of the 24th [December] Penman was aroused by hearing sounds outside of his house. He went out and found two pailings [sic] had been wrenched off the fence and thrown on his verandah. Penman then remonstrated with Mennis, and Chapman closed with the latter, and both fell. Penman got away, and ran down a side street, where he fell, and when on the ground alleges that Mennis hit and kicked him, injuring his nose, and inflicting other bruises. Chapman then pulled Mennis away, Penman said that both men were drunk. The majority of the Bench decided to commit; and allowed bail at £40.

    The Rev Mr Penman is a prominent Orangeman, and the case is causing great excitement.

3     The Macleay Argus (Kempsey), Sat 20 Feb 1897, p. 6. Emphasis added.