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The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 7 Jul 1897 1


    Committed for Trial.—Philip Tierney (47), on a charge of committing an unnatural offence, was at the Central Police Court yesterday committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 29 Jul 1897 2

Thursday, July 29.


    The following is the list of cases set down for hearing at the Court of Quarter Sessions, to be opened at Darlinghurst to-day, before Judge Backhouse:—William O’Grady, illegally pawning; William Murray and James Conlon, burglary and larceny; William Ongley, burglary; Frank McDonogh, stealing a letter sent by post and receiving; Charles Coulter, maliciously injuring property; William Standen, stealing and receiving; Peter Henry Fawcett, housebreaking; Philip Robert Young, embezzlement; John Vincent Coghlan and Gerald Bernard Coghlan, larceny and receiving; Patrick Cahill, inflicting grievous bodily harm; James Maegan, larceny; Cyril Saunders, stealing in a dwelling and breaking out at night time; Thomas Henderson, inflicting grievous bodily harm; Arthur Clayton Bennett, house-stealing and larceny; Alfred Dyson, robbery in company; Matthew Smyth, assault; Peter Connelly, Ernest Martin, Henry Anderson, Alfred Hayes, Peter Proudfoot, George Wilson, wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm; James Wilson, forgery and uttering; Thomas Smith and Fred Williams, larceny and receiving; Frederick Williams, housebreaking; Edward O’Connell, inflicting grievous bodily harm; Edward Humphries, larceny; Martha Kendall and John Meekin, housebreaking; William Smith, burglary; Frederick Nelson, unlawfully endeavouring to prevent a witness giving evidence; James Wilson, false pretences; James Cubitt, larceny; William Gleeson, stealing; Thomas Weatherly, maliciously injuring property; Richard Lawson and William Thompson, larceny and receiving; John Williams, George Cox, and Michael Due,, larceny; James Wilson, uttering counterfeit coin; George Dunning, sacrilege; Patrick Hockey, maliciously wounding with intent; John Samuel Fieldhouse, warehouse breaking; Clarence Chapman and Augustus Jones, robbery in company; John Reynolds, larceny; Charley Sing, being found at night with implements of housebreaking; George Samuels, stealing from the person; William O’Brien and William Boncher, burglary, Philip Tierney, assault; Frederick Helber, illegally pawning; Henry Berrymann, Samuel Ashley, Henry Churnside, robbery in company; Alfred Sullivan, wounding with intent; Joseph Michael Carnell, assault; Arthur Brown, uttering counterfeit coin; Alexander Barclay, common assault; John Robinson, being found at night with housebreaking implements; George Boyce, stealing from the person; John Sullivan, larceny; William Pringle and Mary Clarke, robbery in company and wounding with intent; Edward Burton, burglary; Joseph Cuttler, assault, occasioning actual bodily harm; Edward Felstead, illegally pawning; George Elliott, larceny and receiving; Samuel Thomas Simpson, stealing in a dwelling; William Lempscke, forgery and uttering; John Brown, false pretences, Denis White, stealing in a dwelling; Henry Smith and James Kelly, larceny; James Martin, stealing in a dwelling; Ah Sue, stealing; Mary Ellis and John Charles Dalton, stealing and receiving; James White, breaking and entering; John Goldrich, shopbreaking; Alice Williams, Caroline Grace, and Ellen Foster, stealing in a dwelling; Michael Hagen, maliciously wounding; Ernest Vince, stealing in a dwelling.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 4 Aug 1897 3

At Darlinghurst.—(Before Judge BACKHOUSE and juries of 12.)

    Mr WL Merewether was the Crown Prosecutor.

Cases for Wednesday, August 4.

    William Ongley, burglary; William Standen, stealing; William O’Brien and William Boucher, burglary; Philip Tierney; Frederick Halber [or Helber], illegally pawning; Emily Berryman, Samuel Ashley, and Henry Churnside, robbery in company; Michael Joseph Carnell, assault on a girl under 14.

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The Daily Telegraph, Thu 5 Aug 1897 4


    At the Quarter Sessions yesterday, before Judge Backhouse,

    A respectable-looking man, nearing middle age, named Philip Tierney, pleaded not guilty upon arraignment to an indictment charging him with having committed an unnatural offence upon an unknown person on the 3rd July. Mr Teece appeared for the accused. The offence was stated to have been committed in Belmore Park. The charge was presently altered to one of attempt. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 5 Aug 1897 5

(Before his Honor Judge Backhouse and juries of 12.)

    Mr WL Merewether prosecuted for the Crown.


    Philip Tierney, who was charged with having committed an unnatural offence, was found not guilty by the jury after a short retirement, and was released from custody. Mr C Teece, instructed by Mr WJ Hill, appeared for the defence.


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