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1901, John Cameron - Unfit For Publication
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Below also see: John Locklan Cameron, 1905 – Bestiality


The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 14 May 1901 1



Lithgow, Monday.

    John Cameron was charged at the police court with an assault on Isabella Jones, a girl five years of age, at Lithgow on Saturday last. Accused, who pleaded not guilty, was committed for trial at the Bathurst Quarter Sessions on August 9. Bail was allowed, self in £100, and two sureties of £50 each.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, Sat 10 Aug 1901 2

Friday, August 9th.
(Before his Honor Judge Rogers.)

    Mr Murray acted as Crown Prosecutor.
    The barristers present were Messrs Gannon and Boyce.
    Deputy Sheriff: Mr JB Dulhunty; Clerk of the Court: Mr HS Chippendale; Mr Graham, Governor of the Gaol, was in attendance, and Sub-Inspector Moss was in charge of the police.
    All the local attorneys were represented.


    John Cameron was indicted for that he on the 11th day of May, 1901, at Lithgow, did indecently assault a girl five years,
    Plea: Not guilty.
    Accused was undefended.
    Evidence adduced was unfit for publication.
    The jury returned a verdict of guilty.
    Sentence: 3 months hard labor in Bathurst gaol.



John Locklan Cameron, 1905

The Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Thu 16 Feb 1905

(Before His Honor Judge Docker.)

    The first sittings of the Quarter Sessions for the current year was held at the Court House on Tuesday.

    His Honor, Judge Docker, presided, and the Mayor of Mudgee was in attendance as Deputy Sheriff.

    Mr AK Loftus acted as Clerk of the Court.

    Mr Dawson prosecuted for the Crown, and Mr HR Levien, MLA, the well-known Sydney solicitor, was also professionally engaged.

    Sub-inspector D’Arcy was in charge of the police.

    John Lachlan [aka Locklan] Cameron pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempting to commit an unnatural offence at Wollar.

    The following jury was empanelled: Eugene Daly, John Thompson, James Sharpe, William Spence, L Roth, W Wilton, JH James, Edmund Pyne, George Dykes, JK Kellet, Thomas Jennings, and GH Arnold.

    The accused was undefended.

    Constable [Arthur] Bath was the only witness for the prosecution.

    Accused elected not to give evidence, and made no statement to the jury.

    His Honor briefly summed up, and the jury found the accused guilty.

    John Lachlan Cameron, found guilty of attempted bestiality, was brought up for sentence.

    Prisoner handed up a statement, in which he said he had been at Wollar for 2½ years.

     Gaoler Wheeler stated that in 1901 prisoner was sentenced to three months in Bathurst gaol for indecent assault on a child.

    Constable Bath deposed that the prisoner was working for Mrs King at Wollar; witness knew nothing against him but that he prowled about at night; prisoner did not drink, and was sober the night of his arrest; witness had formed the opinion that prisoner was not quite right in his head.

    After some considerable deliberation, His Honor sentenced prisoner to penal servitude for three years.
    This concluded the business of the Court.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Western Post and People’s Representative, Thu 16 Feb 1905 4

Tuesday, February 14, 1905.
(Before his Honor Judge Docker.)

    The Quarter Sessions were opened in Mudgee on Tuesday morning before his Honor Judge Docker, beside whom on the Bench sat the Mayor (Ald AF Cameron) in his capacity as Deputy-Sheriff.

    Mr Dawson prosecuted for the Crown. Other representatives of the legal profession present were: Mr H Levien, MLA, Mr CHECKED:– Meares, and Mr H Clarke.


    John Lachlan Cameron pleaded not guilty to a charge of having attempted to commit a certain offence on a mare at Wollar on September 28 of last year.

    The following jury was empanelled:—E Daly, J Thompson, J Sharpe, W Spence, L Roth, W Wilton, JH James, E Pyne, GW Dykes, JK Kellett, T Jennings, and GH Arnold.

    His Honor ordered all females and persons under the age of 21 years to leave the Court during the hearing of this case.

    Constable Arthur Bath gave evidence to having seen accused in the act of attempting to commit an offence. He asked him what he was doing, and accused asked to be let off that time, and he would not do it again. He arrested accused.

    Accused declined to give evidence, but expressed a desire to make a statement to the jury.

    When told by his Honor that he might do so he replied that he had forgotten what he wished to say.

    He was then handed a statement which he had written while in gaol in order that he might refresh his memory. After looking over it he said he wished to say nothing.
    After a brief retirement the jury returned with a verdict of guilty, and the accused was remanded for sentence.


    John Lachlan Cameron, found guilty of beastiality, [sic] was shown to have been sentenced to three months at Bathurst in August, 1901, for indecently assaulting a girl. His Honor said the public safety demanded that such a man should not be at liberty, and he sentenced him to three years’ penal servitude in Bathurst Gaol.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Locklan Cameron, Gaol photo sheet

SRNSW: NRS2258, [3/5993], Grafton Gaol photographic description book, Nov 1894-Jun 1910, No. 122, p. 123, R5125.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 122

Date when Portrait was taken: 5 Dec 1905

Name: John Locklan Cameron

Native place: Gulgong, NSW

Year of birth: 24-10-1873

Arrived       Ship: –
in Colony }   Year: –

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Smelter

Religion: Presbyterian

Education, degree of: R & W

Height: 5' 5¾"

Weight     On committal: 167
in lbs     } On discharge: –

Colour of hair: Light brown

Colour of eyes: Blue

Marks or special features: Mole outside right knee. Scar on right shoulder

(No. of previous Portrait ... ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence

Bathurst Q.S

Mudgee Q.S







Indecent Assault

Attempted bestiality

3 months HL

3 years PS


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