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1902, Percy Christopherson - Unfit For Publication
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The Wellington Times, Thu 4 Sep 1902 1

(From Our Exchanges.)


    At the Police Court on Monday, before Mr E Marriott, PM, a young man named Percy Christopherson, who was defended by Mr S Kearney, charged with bestiality, was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions, to be held at Orange on November 4th. Bail was allowed, self in £80 and two sureties of £40 each or one of £80.

    Constable Arthur Smith returned to Orange from South Africa on Saturday last, looking none the worse for his trip.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Leader, Wed 5 Nov 1902 2


    The Orange Quarter Sessions opened yesterday before Acting-Judge HM Hamilton, Mr JHP Murray, acting as Crown Prosecutor. The following professional gentlemen were present:—Barristers: Mr GH Reid, KC, and L Veech. Solicitors: Messrs JC McLachlan, S Kearney, WP Blackmore, LA Lane, HH Lee, HF McKay, MA Casey, and AG Thompson (Bathurst).

    Messrs F Wright and James Agland were fined 40s for non-attendance as jurymen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Leader, Thu 6 Nov 1902 3


Wednesday, Nov 5.

    The Quarter Sessions was continued to-day before Acting-Judge HM Hamilton, Mr JHP Murray acting as Crown Prosecutor.

    Percy Christopherson, on bail, was charged that he did carnally know a cow on March 14th, 1902, and pleaded not guilty.

    Mr GH Reid (instructed by S Kearney) appeared for accused.

    The following jury were impanelled [sic]:—Messrs MJ Dalton (foreman), Jno Watts, M Slattery, EH Davis, Geo Peck, GT Martin, RH Keenan, Jno Campbell, Geo H White, Geo Pascoe, Geo Weiley, M Guinan.
    Evidence was given by V HowardAT Johnson, and Constable Riley, which is unfit for publication, and at his Honor’s direction the jury returned a verdict of not guilty without leaving the box.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Western Advocate, Thu 6 Nov 1902 4

Tuesday, November 4.
(Before Acting-Judge HW Hamilton.)

Wednesday, November 5.


    Percy Christopherson, on bail, was charged with bestiality at Killongbutta on March 14, 1902. Mr GH Reid, KC, instructed by Mr S Kearney, appeared for the accused, who pleaded not guilty.

    The following were the jury: Messrs John Watts, MJ Dalton, M Slattery, EH Davis, G Peck, JT Merrin, RH Keenan, J Campbell, GH White, GG Pascoe, G Weily, and M Guinan.

    The accused challenged three jurymen.

    Evidence for the prosecution was given by Vivian Lionel Howard (who alleged that he saw the offence committed), Alfred Johnson, and Senior-Constable Riley.

    While the accused was giving evidence for the defence.

    His Honor asked the jury if they wished to hear any further evidence.

    The foreman announced that they did not desire to hear any more evidence, and returned a verdict of not guilty.

    The accused was then discharged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 7 Nov 1902 5


Bourke, Thursday.

    Owing to the serious diminution of the Bourke water supply the local council has decided that the water shall be cut off from the town for 15 hours out of the 24 per day, commencing from to-day. If rain does not fall within the next few weeks the water, which is at present almost undrinkable, will be unfit for use.


Grafton, Thursday.

    Mr Pridham and Mr Wade, officers of the Water and Sewerage branch of the Works Department, visited Grafton this week respecting the proposal to provide a water supply for the city. They advocate strongly obtaining a water supply from wells in the western portion of the city, where the drift formation contains abundance of pure water quite sufficient for the needs of Grafton. Both officers recommend this scheme in preference to a supply from Orara, which the borough council adopted a short time ago.


Orange, Thursday.

    The Orange Quarter Sessions were concluded to-day. The following cases were heard before Acting-Judge Hamilton: Thomas Ryan, alleged sheep-stealing from Burraga; Percy Christopherson, an alleged offence; James Smith, alleged sheep-stealing from Blayney; and Arthur Harris, alleged burglary at Lucknow. All the accused were acquitted.

    In the last-mentioned case the Rev Matthew Walker, now a prisoner in Goulburn gaol for perjury, he having been sentenced at the last Orange Sessions, was brought as a witness. He refused to give evidence, and was dealt with this morning, being sentenced to two months’ imprisonment. 


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